Grafik wie Farben in Räumen wirken


February is over and we’re one step closer to springtime and some sunny weekends. Until then, the weather conditions are a justifiable reason for a depression. What most people don’t know – a relocation can be the reason for a depression as well. Just imagine moving involuntarily because of a new job posting, due to financial reasons, or after a breakup. If it seems impossible to start over in your new place, don’t despair! First of all, give yourself time to adapt and try to find new friends whereever you are to feel more welcome. You could join a gym and meet people there. Sport makes you feel better and on top of that it the gym can be a great place to meet people. It is just as important to stay in touch with friends from your old town, though. You should also not let got of your habits, simply try to adapt them to the new circumstances. And obviously, it is essential to make your new apartment as cosy as possible. Accessories are a good way to give your home a special touch, but if you’re up for more, a new color on the wall can help push your mood a lot!

However, it is important to make sure you choose the right color. Dark colors will make your rooms look smaller so make sure that you only choose a dark tone if you have very high or wide rooms.
Otherwise, those are the colors to go for and how they will influence your mood:
• Orange – to make you feel comfortable – living room
• Torquoise – to calm you down – bedroom
• Yellow – to cheer you up – kitchen
• Green – to make you more creative – office

If this is not enough inspiration for you, you should go online and purchase a ticket for the Wohnen&Interior fair in Vienna. If you choose to go on the March 11 and 12, your ticket will be valid for the WIM (Wiener Immobilien Messe) as well and you can stop by and say Hello to the SacherUmzug team that will be present there. And we promise, after a few minutes with our nice staff, you will definitely feel better.

And if you ever decide to move again – give us a call!
Your SacherUmzug-team