Kräuter pflanzen


Not everyone has a two-story house with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. But even people like us who have normal apartments or houses, do want to make the best out of the room we have. So, this month the German blog featured an article about how to make make more room you can use. Maybe even for a herb bed in your kitchen.

1. Be flexible
Sometimes the room itself is not the problem, sometimes it is simply the way the furniture is set up. We recommend trying a different arrangement or even the switching of rooms. Maybe the bedroom would go better as a livingroom?
2. Use walls
Make use of all the empty space on the walls. Shelfs provide additional storage space and some items (e.g. handbags) even serve as decoration if hung up on the wall correctly.
3. Buy boxes
We are not talking about ugly cardboard boxes but about the ones that are decoration and storage space at once. You can set them up anywhere and to make room for items you do not use all the time.
4. Plan for seasons
If you get rid of your winter clothes during summertime and vice versa, you will automatically have a lot more room in your closet. If you do not have a cellar, attic, or garage, try storage boxes underneath the bed.

Once you have made some extra room, there will be enough space to set up an indoor herb bed. Maybe right on the windowsill or even on the wall. Herbs that are easy to keep alive at home are the following:
Parsley: keep in the sun and don’t water too much
Chives: doesn’t need too much attention; seeds need to be renewed after a while
Thyme: needs light and space because it can grow up to half a meter high
Oregano: need water regularly
Dill: likes shade and needs a big pot
Basil: to provide enough water, put the basil in a waterbath for 30 min and put it back into the light after

We wish you a nice summer season with plenty of room and delicious meals with your homegrown herbs.