Moderne Küche in grau

FrühjahrsputzApril is almost over. Temperatures however, make it feel like January which means it‘s not too late to introduce our spring-cleaning plan. We suggest you make some time for this every day for a full week. Start on Saturday and clean the whole house. Don’t forget to get rid of old clothes and everything else you haven’t been using in a while. Day 2 is dedicated to the kitchen and on a Sunday because you will need time to empty out all cabinets, get rid of things with an expiration date in the 1990ies, and make a shopping list to stack up your pantry. The bathroom comes next on Monday, followed by the windows for a clear view on Tuesday and the floors on Wednesday. If you have a balcony, garden or patio, take care of this on Thursday and make Friday the last day on which you clean your cleaning supplies. And now enjoy spring and summer in your freshly cleaned home!

SteckdosensicherungWhether it is super clean or filthy, if you are moving into a new place with children, you always have to make sure they are safe right away. Stairs, balconies, windows, and rugs should be secure to avoid falls. Make sure the doors are protected so the kids can’t hurt their fingers. Power outlets must be secured with a protective cover so kids cannot reach into the socket.
Plants are nice but some are poisonous for toddlers. Also, chemicals, cleaning supplies, cigarettes and alcohol have to be locked away so it can’t be reached by the little ones.
Everyone will feel more comfortable in the new house once the risks are eliminated.

KücheOnly then will you and your family be able to enjoy time together in what we think is the heart of the house: the kitchen. Part one of the new series about the kitchen was all about organizing this special room. It is essential to have a good overview over all your supplies so you never run out of anything important at the wrong time. The spring cleaning would be the perfect opportunity to rearrange everything: put things with an earlier expiration date in the front and toss old stuff. While you are doing that, you can also make a list for everything you have to get at the store. And while we’re talking about lists: you should consider writing weekly meal plans from now on. Not only will a plan help you eat healthier, it will make grocery shopping easier and you will save time and money. And there’s so many great things you can do with the extra time, for example bake a delicious apple pie – recipe coming soon!