Es werde Licht


While January is coming to an end, we are wondering how much longer the temperatures will make us freeze. Spring will be here eventually but until then we want to take the time to welcome all our English-speaking customers and readers to 2017 and back to the blog! If you are interested in our weekly stories and the automated translation of the website just doesn’t make any sense then don’t worry! You will not miss out on anything this year because we will post a summary of all German entries at the end of every month and give you an overview of what is trending in the relocation business.


The new year started off with part two of our series “Where in Vienna” which gives people an idea of which part in Vienna they might wanna look at apartments if moving to the Austrian capital. Leopoldstadt (the second district) is definitely a good choice with its recreational areas Prater and Augarten. The proximity to the city center and the main university is also a plus, especially for students. Prizes are anything but low. That, however, is something everyone who is moving to Vienna should accept in return for making one of the greatest cities in the world their home.

Looking outside all you see is darkness during these short days of winter. So we thought we’d dedicate one article to light – how to place lamps and lights in small apartments, to be exact. Yes, you can make small rooms make appear larger if you put lamps in the right spots. In high rooms, go for lamps that put a focus on walls and the ceiling and in rooms with relatively low ceilings, place the main light source on the ceiling. Lamps on tables are also helpful and with accessories like candles or lava lamps it is easy to highlight a certain corner of the room to make it wider.

Even though January is not necessarily moving season, we still want to emphasize now how important it is to be careful with heavy weights. To avoid backpain, please make sure to always:
• keep your back straight, bend your knees and face your toes away from you
• make sure you’re standing on a solid ground
• use both hands to carry heavy things
• go into a squat position and keep your back straight
• keep the weight close to your body

And now it’s time for February – one step closer to spring! If you have any questions or need help with your relocation, please don’t hesitate to contact us!